Richard E. Dover Shares Piece of History with Community of Oak Ridge

Richard E. DoverRichard E. Dovergeneral manager of Family Pride Corporation, has a reputation for preserving historical sites while creating new living spaces for older adults. The Alexander Inn, or Guest House, as it was once called, is a stellar example of the commitment to historical preservation Richard E. Dover embodies in his work. In this Q&A, Richard E. Dover explains how Family Pride Corporation was able to share a piece of history with the people of Oak Ridge, Tenn., through the renovation of the Alexander Inn.

Q: Can you please share some background on the Alexander Inn and this renovation project?

Richard E. Dover: The Alexander Inn was built in 1942 and was originally called the Guest House. In those days, scientists working on the atomic bomb called the Guest House home. Over the years, the building became dilapidated, but it holds so much history that it’s now a protected historic site. Family Pride Corporation is renovating the Alexander Inn back to its original 1940’s look and converting the building into an assisted living site for seniors.

Q: How did area residents engage in this renovation process?

Richard E. Dover: Knox Heritage held an estate sale and allowed people to tour a small portion of the building that was still safe for passage. While numerous historical household items were dispersed to area museums, there were still plenty of mirrors, bed frames, dressers and the like from the 1960s and 1970s that were sold to area residents.

Q: Why is the preservation of this historic building so important?

Richard E. Dover: The Alexander Inn was once a great source of pride for the Oak Ridge community, and it’s important to me and Family Pride Corporation that it reclaims that title once again. Additionally, this renovation will honor the older adults who will very soon call the Alexander Inn home.

Richard E. Dover is a real estate developer based in Knoxville, Tenn.