Richard E. Dover Says Estate Sale Offered Opportunity to Own a Piece of History

Richard E. DoverRichard E. Dover has been involved with preserving several historic structures in Tennessee, North Carolina and Florida for more than 20 years. Richard E. Dover and Family Pride Corporation restore historical structures to be utilized for retirement housing and other commercial purposes. Richard E. Dover has won several awards for his work.

These days, Richard E. Dover and Family Pride Corporation are excited to work on the historic Alexander Inn in Oak Ridge, Tenn. The goal of this project is to renovate the former inn and turn it into an assisted living community, says Richard E. Dover. According to Richard E. Dover, the renovation will take nine months, and the first step is to demolish anything that is hazardous to the crew. The general frame and structure, however, are in great shape, says Richard E. Dover.

The inn, once known as the Guest House, housed some of the top scientists working on the atomic bomb. According to Richard E. Dover, the inn will be preserved to look just like it did in the ’40s. Richard E. Dover, who has preserved several historic buildings, thinks it’s great any time a historic building like the Alexander Inn can be saved.

Family Pride Corporation and Richard E. Dover have their work cut out for this long awaited renovation. All the windows will have to be updated, and all the wood will need to be the same as it originally was, explains Richard E. Dover.

Before work began, the public had a chance to own a piece of that history. Richard E. Dover states that most of the things from the building would have been thrown away, so they wanted to give people an opportunity to walk away with something historical.

According to Richard E. Dover, all furniture and architectural pieces of real historic value have been placed in local museums, but there were still many other items that had been in the inn for years that were sold to the public. Items from the ’60s and ’70s, such as dressers, mirrors, bed frames and upholstered armchairs, were just some of the items that were available for sale, says Richard E. Dover. These items were priced below $50.

Richard E. Dover says all funds benefited the East Tennessee Preservation Alliance, and the estate sale allowed the public to enjoy walking through a famous, historical building and purchase a piece of its history.

Richard E. Dover believes that even a dilapidated structure can hold a large part of a community’s history, which makes a community unique. Richard E. Dover believes that safeguarding the history of a place through historic preservation gives a community its personality. Richard E. Dover thinks historic buildings provide links to the origins of the community and its ancestors. According to Richard E. Dover, historic preservation offers cultural, economic, educational and environmental benefits to the entire community. Sometimes, says Richard E. Dover, historical stuff just needs a little dusting off.