Richard E. Dover of Knoxville, Tennessee, Discusses Macon Development

Richard E. Dover

Photo by Woody Marshall

Richard E. Dover, a Knoxville native recognized throughout East and Middle Tennessee for the preservation of more than a dozen historic buildings, recently announced that his company, Dover Development, would complete a similar project in Macon, Georgia. Dover Development is in the early stages of converting the historic Alexander IV Elementary School into a senior living facility.

Q: Why has Dover Development chosen Alexander IV School?

Richard E. Dover, Knoxville Developer: Dover Development has completed a number of similar renovations throughout Tennessee. We have found that these buildings are not only the perfect layout for a senior living campus, but also appeal to former students looking for a place to call home. When Alexander IV became available, we knew it was a good choice.

Q: In your opinion, what kind of impact will this development have on the Bibb County community?

Richard E. Dover, Knoxville Developer: Our plan is for a 60-unit facility that will be split between independent and assisted living and memory care. Breathing life back into these old buildings improves community morale and works to stimulate the area’s micro-economy. Though the building will be managed by Sewanee-based Senior Solutions Management Group, all employees will come from the local area.

Q: How will Dover Development respect the integrity of the original structure?

Richard E. Dover, Knoxville Developer: As we have with our previous renovations, we will repurpose everything we can. The general layout of the building will remain the same and the planned addition will be built in a way that integrates with the existing building.

Q: When can the public expect to see design plans?

Richard E. Dover, Knoxville Developer: We are working with local historians and preservationists to complete and finalize the architectural strategy as soon as possible. A design will be unveiled at one of our many public meetings in the near future.